Monday, December 15

New Focus

Since I began this blog, folks have asked me "what is it about?"

While that's a valid question, I have been in no hurry to make it "about" anything in particular, other than ideas I want to share, or put out into the world.

But I've been inspired to focus a bit. Maybe even more than a bit, we'll see how it works out. This is an experiment.

One of my Goals for 2009 is to create more flow in my life. To me, that means to embrace the wu-wei and create abundance and balance in my personal and professional life through creativity, intention and simplicty.

So, that's what I am going to focus on for a while in this blog ~ the quest for flow ~ and see where it takes me, and us (are you out there reader? send a smoke signal).


ACW said...

I find the start of the new year a great time to "evolve" my own blogs and websites. I usually find that I, too, focus annually on a theme and January is a time most people give a "fresh start" to their thinking.

None said...

I hear you! I've been trying to do this too. It started with me wanting to feel better and have more energy, so I changed my diet to whole organic food, then added daily trips to the gym. That was only 2 months ago, and already I'm writing nutrition articles, signed up for healthy cooking classes and talking about taking dance classes in nyc. It's amazing how much changes once you make a few simple shifts. Get ready! Looking forward to hearing about the changes that come your way. (Just saw Yes Man with Jim Carrey - you should check it out).

ccpl said...

Hi Guys, My first response to you just got erased. Not sure why. The word verification was: yessmon. Funny after reading Colleen's mention of "Yes Man" ~

Thanks for your support, ladies. Cheers to 2009, new goals, and new paths.



ccpl said...

Here's the lost message, found!

Thanks for the support, Chicas! Yes, Anne, the new year is calling me to focus and make realistic "shifts" and goals. Love that word, "shift" by the way, Colleen. That is easier to do, and more relistic than abrupt "change" but as you say, these small adjustments have a cumulative effect over time, and sometimes very quickly! Cheers to a new year, new goals, and renewed health and creative wellness.

Living Creatively, Pondering Endlessly said...

I'm ready to shift, to find my flow and to definitely embrace my wu-wei (first time I ever heard that btw). I look forward to reading more of your blog. I feel 2009 will be filled with wonderful shifts and new, amazing moments will continue ocurring! I mean, look at the Miracle on the Hudson!
Carmen, Thank you for your friendship and for being one of my Big Thinker friends!

ccpl said...

Thank you, Monica! Cheers to wu wei in 2009!